If you are running Docker services relying only on a firewall like UFW or firewalld, you could have a high chance to expose your container services to the world.

Some days ago, I received a notification from one of my container services which runs on a cloud VPS instance. Briefly, this VPS is configured to host multiple applications relying on docker and docker compose. Those applications are not intended to be published directly to the internet, but they need…

Deploying web applications in R with shiny

Shiny is an R package which allow building interactive web applications by combining the power of R with the current trends of the modern web. Users can develop web applications directly in R using RStudio, without worrying about Javascripts, CSS and HTML (or at least, with a little knowledge of…

Recently, I was talking with my collegues and they were impressed that I could find a linux command I typed two years ago in my bash history. …

Paolo Cozzi

Bioinformatician, Researcher, Developer

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